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Fun and games with the dogs yesterday and a cooler day today which makes it nicer for the dogs. Done a lovely walk at Litlington this morning with Charlie, Zeb, Luna Eddie and holly. will do another walk later on today. Dixon clan have been impecabbly behaved so far although there was a little widdle in the conservatory last night so not sure whom to point blame at there, Archie settling in well as always, Gulliver Lobo and Flora, well I guess no need to mention how well they settle sine this is their second home.


Another busy day here today. the usual set of lovely dogs. the sun is shining . about to meet up with a friend and do a lovely dog walk at Litlington

the weekend.. another beautiful day

Well the weekend is here again with yet another beautiful day. what more could we want. i still haev to remind myself that we are in November. But then again... dogs happy and when there are no muddy paws then I am happy. house is spotless for a change. dogs are happy. we are off for a long walk at Reed. Holl's favourite walk

a lolvey saturday

lovely day. dogs been great. ,managed to do a little christmas shopping and lots of walking. just done a quick walk at the heath.... in the dark... eek those winter dark nights!

lovely litlington walk

another nice day. just walked at litlington. an hour and fifteen minutes. dogs had a lovely walk. stoll so so mild out too. what more can we ask!!. happy contented dogs today. now sleeping. will be out again at two

if only you had seen us

well we were dogged out with dogs this morning on our walk. lots and lots of lovely dogs bounding around. lovely morning again as well. guess we must make the most of this lovely weather and be very grateful that there are still little sign of mussy wet paws!

Another mild day

not so sunny. but mild. although I have my nice toastie thermals ready for some nice dog walking this morning


well birthday treats for one dog today. hetfield who turned three today and also my husband who unfortunately hasnt turned 3 nor 43 but older.!! hey another lovely day though here with the dogs. about to go on our morning walk.

lovely day

well not nearly as cold out there today. lovely out walking


well it has been a busy week and we have seen the weather change . out comes the winter wollies today.
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