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Tuesday rain

A grotty day for the dogs. Bella here Hugo and Tilly playing. Charlie here too. Wet paw and muddy walks.


Well the August bank holiday is with us and we have some new dogs joining us this weekend. We are hoping to head to the beach on Saturday holly's favourite place . We will do some long walks and let the dogs splash in the sea. Really looking forward to that. Sunday brings some nice walks too and hoping that it is not too hot Bank Holiday Monday to walk as well.

Augusty 2019

It has been a busy summer so far with lots of familiar faces and some new ones too. We have found a few new walks as well which has been wonderful for the dogs. Right now, we have Millie and Elvis Muttley and Bella staying with us. Looking forward to a busy few weeks again with the dogs and August Bank Holiday looks set to be great weather.
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Wet and Dull

What a miserable day to walk the dogs. Everywhere very slippery too walking.

It has been too hot

Too hot to walk dogs . It has been unbearable for them. Regretfully we have had to resort to just letting them make use of the garden and the shade and walking very early in the morning and much later at night. The weather changes tonight which will be great as longer walks can be had

New arrivals

Lots and lots of new arrivals to enjoy


Well the forecast does not look good over the next few days therefore that mean mucky dogs and wet floors and dirty floots. Never mind. NOthing a mop wont sort out. Looking forward to welcoming some regular faces here over the Easter break.


Tilly here Bailey here Kolbie here and Eddie. Lots of day boarders playing nicely in the garden, Muddy paws everywhere but nevertheless they are having fun. Boo came to stay for one night too. What a lovely dog.


Change in the weather today. Thankfully. A cold start to the day but nevertheless a sunny start. going to walk in a different location today. For a change. All dogs doing really well. Dixon clan all getting along OK with a few little snarls here and there. Baxter abnd Bailey and Tilly all playing nicely. Sophie and Barney have arrived and staying here until Monday. so yet again a lovely mix.


Snow is gone so easuier to walk the dog. still bittely cold but it has been lovely watching the dogs play and roll in the snow and Holly in particular loves it. I do hope that it snows over Christmas. I love seeing them have so much fun. Also a new baby arrival coming this wekend to visit me. Bailey has joined the Sawers household. CAnt wait to meet him but think Holly is going to be rather jealous
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