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Wedensday has resulted in a quietier day now with the departure of a few dogs now that holidays have ended and the start of scholl begins again. Said goodbye to Holly G today and Klara will be leaving later on today. We still have Nelly and Lola and day boarders Hugo and Tilly here at the moment. Will welcome Eddie tomorrow as well.

August Bank Holiday Sunday

Well bank holiday weekend is here and we have some fabulous weather. almost too hot for the dogs. Lucky we have a nice shaded garden area for them to get some shade.


It has been a while since I have posted on her. Busy days. We have hugo and Bella here today and Tilly playing all together. The weather is cold but at least it is still enjoyable to go for dog walks at the moment.

Busy times

So the start of October and things still remain busy here. we have had a few people return back to work so looking for day care again. That is nice. newcomer Del joins us for a week. Bella and Tilly here today and Bob and Louie having fun with Del today. Looks like going to be a nice day. Gettign ready for morning walks

Looks like going to be a beautiful day

Looks like we are in for another lovely day walking with the dogs. I have thoroughly enjoyed having Jake Fleming here and he appears to be a lovely dogs. Saddened to hear that he will be returning to the shelter soon. Bailey Sawers has arrived and my goodness he looks handsome, Known to be one of my favourites I am delighted to see him again. Barney and Sophie enjoying his company in particular Sophie who has been spending numerous hours hurtling around this garden with Bailey. Welcome to the pack Skyla and Blaze as well.

Departures and Arrivals

Some lvoely dogs has returned to their owners and likewise we have had some lovely new arrivals as well. I just adore having my home with dogs,

Ther start of summer and lovely dog walks?

The start of summer and lovely dog walks? Lets hope so

Heading twoards the end of the Easter break

I cannot deny that we have not had a busy Easter as it has been very busy here with the dogs and the wet weather has not helped matters at all. but we have managed to get through it all with looking after and caring for some lovely dogs over the Easter period. I read, that we are due to have some nice weather and warm weather in the next few weeks, so looking forward to nice long dogs walk with nicer weather conditions. Back to a little bit of normality as well too will be nice

Half term

Half term is here. Some lovely regulars to spend half term with and hopefully some good weather on the way as well.


So Cassie and Katie leave us today. That is sad but they will be back I am sure. The lovely lovey Bailey puppy is with us this weekend too and that for me is sheer delight. Daisy here for a short stay and also Millie and Jake for the weekend. What a lovely bunch
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