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home dog boarding, day dog care, holidays for dogs

Bank Holiday Monday

A scorcher of a bank holiday monday. Walked the dogs very early this morning. now way to hot to take them out sasly. all very comfortable in the shade in the garden for the time being.


The end to another great week with the dogs and another cold but sunny morning. Archie here for the day. little tiny puppy but quite hard work. Very clingy but adorable. Bailey here as well along with Tuppence who is remarkable for her age. nearly 15. Dottie Peanut Japser and Tim behaving at the moment and Mylie, the Shelti looking on.

wet damp and cold

brings muddy paws and filthy floors. please change weather


BOb Louie and Ralph still here after the Christmas break and Bob is SO much more chillded out these day. Dee's dogs have been great although has ben really hard to keep them clean and smelling nice in this horrible wet weather. Oscar here too. Sorrell left and Caggie now gone. All lovely to have here to care for

cold weather here

The start of winter is here. frosty morning and cold starts. I love it and so do the dogs. makes them ever so frisky. love seeing them play in the fields in this cold weather. Bob Louie and Ralp here . leave today. Sophie and barney arriving in the morning. Eddie and Zeb leave tonight. Rocco here for the day too

Summer walks

Lovely loevly summer walks this week. little too hot for the dogs to be charging around but lovely nonetheless. Zeb here Gulliver lobo and Flora Pippa doing well too. Hope little Tuppence is on the mend. Bailey back for day boarding


Getting ready for the Easter start. A rather busy and full on weekend with the dogs. hope that the weather hold out for us and we do not get soaked. Three little dogs in the mix to include the lovely Toby,Kolbie leaves today and Livvy arrives. Sophie and Barney doing really well as is Cesca. and we also have the beautiful Herbie and Barney with us too.
Spoke too soon and got caught out on a really wet walk this morning.

The start of another bujsy week

The start of another busy week. Bailey and Pumpkin join us again this week. Gulliver Lobo and Flora settling in well as they always do. Zeb hack again for the week too. Coco seems to be contented in that mix as well. Bob louie and Ralph here for the day.


Weather is just right for the dogs right now. not too hot and not raining at the moment although there is forecast for rain later today. They are all pretty much settling well although little charlie is quite needy. Ruby and Sapphire arrived yesterday and had two walks. utter perfection they are although did come down to a few wee puddles this morning. Finn arrived yesterday too so three newcomers added to the mix. I imagine that we will be the talking point amongst walkers this morning as walking with several friends all with dogs.

a lovely saturday

well we have a variety in the mix today. Bruce the pug has just arrived. Tuppence is here and doing well with the others. Zeb gone home for the weekend and will be back again on Monday, Charlie back next week too together with the lovely Eddie, Little rascal Oscar here on Monday for the week. too. Gulliver Lobo and Flora adding to the mix just leaves a mention for Inja and Zulu.
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